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Zedekiah's Cave

The entrance to Zedekiah's Cave (above) is at the Jerusalem city wall, northeast of the Damascus Gate.  Entrance fee is about $4 usd. 

Ron Wyatt originally found the Ark of the Covenant by digging in the area of the Garden Tomb, and had found the Ark by cutting through rock and also using tunnels that had anciently been created by water erosion.  Once in the cave which housed the Ark, Ron noticed an entrance heading in a different direction from that which Ron had entered.  He theorized that the Ark had originally been brought to the cave through that entrance, then it was sealed by stones.  Ron noticed on maps of Zedekiah's Cave, of how it stretched out for 750 feet, including the direction of the Garden Tomb.  Ron then began searching in Zedekiah's Cave for the original  route by which Jeremiah had taken the Ark to its secret hiding place.  In the early 1900's, a carving of a four legged winged cherub, had been found.  


This carving was removed and is in a museum in London today.  The carving may fit the quote below which mentions that Jeremiah's men marked the way when hiding the Ark.

    "Prompted by a divine message, the prophet [Jeremiah] gave orders that the Tent of Meeting and the ark should go with him. Then he went away to the mountain from the top of which Moses saw God’s Promised Land. When he reached the mountain, Jeremiah found a cave-dwelling; he carried the tent, the ark, and the incense-altar into it, then blocked up the entrance.  Some of his companions came to mark out the way, [Today near the entrance to the tunnel that leads to the Ark is a plaque representing the location of a carved four legged cherub.] but were unable to find it. When Jeremiah learned of this he reprimanded them. ‘The place shall remain unknown’, he said, ‘until God finally gathers his people together and shows mercy to them. Then the Lord will bring these things to light again, and the glory of the Lord will appear with the cloud, as it was seen both in the time of Moses and when Solomon prayed that the shrine might be worthily consecrated.’" 2 Maccabees 2:4-8  (We know the Apocrypha is not a totally inspired book. In this quote, the wrong mountain is referenced, as apposed to Mt. Moriah, the correct mountain.)


Here are some more pictures of the area around Zedekiah's cave.

Above:  Area around entrance to the cave.


Above:  Peering into the cave.

Above:  As turn around and look back from Zedekiah's cave, you can see the area of Skull Hill behind the bus station in the distance.


Back at the entrance to Zedekiah's Cave, we see the sign up close.

Several groups have excavated for various archaeological artifacts in the cave.  The cave was created by cutting large blocks of stone for use in the construction of Solomon's temple.

Ron Wyatt Speaking to tour group in 1998, in Zedekiah's cave which
leads to the cave holding the Ark of the Covenant.  Ron died the next year.
Photo  by T.V.  Oommen www.biblediscoveries.com

A few years before Ron died, Jewish leaders sent six men, who were descendents of the tribe of Levi, into Zedekiah's Cave and into the 375'  tunnel which leads to the cave containing the Ark.  Their motive was to remove the Ark and destroy Christ's blood to begin their own sacrifices.  After traveling 75 ft. through the tunnel, all were killed by angels guarding the ark.  These men were in communication with others in Zedekiah's cave who were waiting for them.  They refused to enter the tunnel to check on the men, as they had heard terrible cries from the dying men over two-way radios.  Mr. Wyatt was asked by the Israel Antiquities Authority to retrieve the bodies.  God is protecting the Ark to be a witness of His Son and will not allow men to interfere.


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