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Below:  Michael Rood endorses Ron Wyatt.  22 minutes


Michael Rood on Ron Wyatt from Jack Smart on Vimeo.



Above:  Ron Wyatt describes the testing of Jesus' blood, 4 minutes



Above:  Ron Wyatt talk about the Ark of the Covenant, Jan. 1999
51 minutes



Above:  50 minutes, Ark of the Covenant, Revealing God's Treasure 4 hour DVD



Above:  Noah's Ark, Revealing God's Treasure 4 hour DVD, 35 minute segment


Above:  Red Sea Crossing segment from our DVD, 27 minutes


Above:  Mt. Sinai segment from our DVD, 17 minutes


Above:  Sodom and Gomorrah segment from our DVD, 27 minutes


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Jim Pinkoski describes the crucifixion scene where Jesus' blood flows down
to the ark of the covenant below.  8 minutes

Crucifixion Scene


Tour to Noah's Ark is a DVD sold by anchorstone.com and is about 1 hour and ten minutes long, and was graciously made available by Val Smith.

See www.anchorstone.com for the video


Ron Wyatt answers questions from the audience in this 1997, Q & A session.  1 hour 15 minutes



This video is a 1989 Q & A session Ron gave about one week before he had an encounter with a heavenly being while working on the Ark of the Covenant dig and was depressed at the time.  A man in the audience will ask Ron when he is going back over for the dig.  It was this man showing up unexpectedly in Jerusalem that caused Ron to think God was no longer using him.  1 hour 25 minutes

See Ark Discovery Store for the Presentations DVD


The following video is a few minutes in length and features part of the covering Noah removed from the ark, at the same location where the anchor stones were cut from the boat:

Noah's Ark Covering video DSL


Also see www.throneofgod.com/videos.html for more videos





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