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April 18-28, 2018

We will visit traditional sites in Israel, plus Gomorrah,
Zedekiah's Cave, Garden Tomb with crucifixion site
and Ark of the Covenant location, and Nuweiba Egypt
where the Red Sea crossing took place.

 Only $500 deposit holds your seat,
and is applied to the tour price, $2,873.00.

 Click here for brochure and sign-up info:


If you need a printed brochure mailed to you
send us an email

A trip of a lifetime!

Some notes here:

We will be with fellow believers in the discoveries which is wonderful.
We will have 2 hours in gomorrah to search the city for brimstone.
Will have two hours in the Garden Tomb grounds.  Visit Zedekiah's Cave,
where the ark of the covenant was secreted through this route.
Will travel down to Eilat Israel and cross the border into Egypt for
the day there, visiting the Red Sea crossing location, and of course
visiting the traditional sites in Israel such as Caesarea, Sea of Galilee
Mt. Carmel, Tel Megiddo, Capernaum, Jordan River, Dead Sea scroll caves,
Masada, Jerusalem, etc .

This is a land tour, that is, you can fly into Tel Aviv from your country in a flight schedule that suits your travel plans.  So, you would take care of your airfare.   By allowing you to purchase your flight, there will not be a connecting issue in New York trying to make the gate in time for Israel, as we ran into this previously.  Those who live in distant countries would leave April 18, and those who live in Europe could fly out April 19, with both groups arriving in Tel Aviv on April 19.  You would take a short taxi ride to our hotel and would acclimate that day to the new time.  If you arrive early and have the energy, you could do some of your own sightseeing.  Supper is provided on April 19 at the hotel, then the next morning of April 20 we head out on the bus.
Breakfast and supper provided on the tour, but you are responsible for lunch.

Call us if you have questions:  615-530-597-eight


Separate Tour to Noah's Ark

If you are going to Israel on that tour, hold off on buying your return airline ticket
until we figure out if this tour will take place. 

We may also have a separate tour going to Noah's ark April 28 - May2,
so watch for that.  At this time no Turkish visas are being issued to
USA residents to enter Turkey.  We will see how this develops.
Those who went on the Israel tour could fly over to Istanbul April 28.
Those who were not on the Israel tour could fly into Istanbul April 27 or 28.

We would supply the domestic flights, the hotels, the guide and the transportation.
  We may have a tour of the old city of Istanbul on April 28.
April 29 we would fly out to Eastern Turkey where our guide would be waiting,
check into our hotel and then head out to the ark.
April 30 would be a day at the ark.  May 1 we would be in and around the village of
Arzap to see the sea anchors and the worship area of Noah, complete with the
altar that he may have used.  May 2 we would fly out, arriving at 11:30 am in Istanbul,
with time for you to make a connecting flight.  The tour ends at this point.  You would supply your own flight home when we arrive in Istanbul.

There is a USA JFK flight on Turkish  Airlines leaving at 1:35 pm that we have taken previously, TK1 is the flight number.  It is easy to walk over to the international terminal (indoors) and catch this flight.









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