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Take a Tour Around Noah's Ark

We will begin at the

rear and go clockwise

around the left side

and so on...


Computer graphics courtesy Mark Johnson www.arkfind.com

First, a view from visitors' center with rear or stern at left.


View of the rear of the ark demonstrating a symmetrical shape with the sides splaying outward.



The left rear of the ark features vertical ribs, with one complete, tall rib in left portion of this photo.


The mid-port, or left area of the ark features the hole that was blown out by the 1960 expedition that was published in Life magazine.  It is in the left, upper portion.



421naport3.jpg (317302 bytes)

Ark visitors checking out the port side dynamited hole.



419naport4.jpg (346277 bytes)Close-up photo of the hole.




The port inside area at left with front to our top right.  We are taking photo standing atop the center mound.


Left front area looking toward rear with Lesser Ararat in the background.


Front of the ark in foreground, looking toward the rear.  Ararat and Lesser Ararat in background.  Notice again the symmetry of the shape.  To the left you see the limestone outcropping which impaled the ark and caused it to lose its structural strength and thus create an irregular starboard side at that point.


The right front looking toward rear, is mostly embedded in the ground with only the top of the sides protruding.


A view of the right front looking toward the rear with visitors' center at left.


Looking along right side, facing toward the front.  Rock outcropping is to our left which impaled the ark from the right thousands of years ago.

Local villager next to core drill Ron Wyatt performed which yielded petrified antler, animal dropping, cat hair, human hair and fiber optic all within a chamber inside the ark.  Hole extends approx. five feet then stops, as Ron plugged the hole.  The rock outcropping is just to our right. 

The western side of the ark is to our right, with Lesser Ararat in the distance.


Continuing down the starboard or right side near the rear. The limestone outcropping is out of the photo to our right.  Notice the vertical rib timbers in a regular man-made sequence.

The right rear side.

While on Noah's ark, we see this view of the Uzengili Village which overlooks Noah's Ark


From the ark we can easily see the visitors' center.


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