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Noah Movie Review


By Jim Pinkoski



(Jim Pinkoski was a friend of Ron's going back to early 1980's and has been waiting,
like all of us, for the discoveries to receive their due recognition.)


The new NOAH 2014 movie is actually a science fiction film -- with the accent
on "fiction"!

As in many other recent SF films, the movie opens with the world bleak and
barren, fallen humanity has spread all over the world and "strip-mined" it --
hunters are chasing a dog with dragon scales (it was nice to see the movie
include the amalgamation of animals, which was something that happened in
the pre-Flood world that GOD greatly disapproved of) -- and we also
see glowing angels who had pity for the punishment that came upon Adam &
Eve falling to earth into volcanoes and were covered with lava, and when
these angels crawled out they became giant rock-covered beings as a
punishment... (pure science fiction reminiscent of the Jewish Golem myth)...

Some critics are upset that the words GOD or LORD were never used, instead
they said "Creator" -- which was just fine with me!

The movie did an excellent job of showing fallen mankind carrying on as rabid
methheads deserving of total destruction -- (most "religious" films cannot show
the true condition of the really wicked sinful evil people, but this movie did a
good job of it).

There was a fast-forward telling of the 7 days of Creation Week wherein they
included the Darwin-error of "evolving-of-life-from-single-cells-in-the-water-
that-became-fish-that-crawled-up-on-land-that-evolved-into-land-life," as they
read aloud the wording of "the evening and the morning" in Scripture to
placate those who have actually read the Bible, but they indicated "long ages"
of evolution... which is actually also total science fiction!

I was very surprised and pleased to see them show Adam & Eve as glowing
beings wearing robes of light just as the angels in heaven, which is
exactly how Adam & Eve began!

I've heard in the director's interviews that he thinks the word for ark means
"box" -- WHICH IS NOT TRUE -- there are 2 words in Hebrew that mean ark
('aron and tebah), and we know that the word for Noah's ark is NOT like the
word used for the Ark of the Covenant ('aron which means "box") -- this info
has been posted on my Noah's Ark webpage for the past 14 years and
published in Jonathan Gray's material and our various websites -- the word for
Noah's Ark (tebah) comes from the Egyptian word tebet which was a long
pointed boat, just like Ron's ark description.

In the movie they made Noah a vegetarian, which was correct to do (mankind
was only given permission to begin eating clean animals after the Flood) --
they showed that it was the evil antedeluvian people slaughtering the animals
and viciously eating them which made them even more "animalistic" --
unfortunately, the movie never indicated that the clean animals which could
later be eaten by mankind after the Flood went onto the ark as 7 pairs -- they
only indicated they went on 2x2, which was how the unclean animals went
onto the ark.

It was great how they showed all the birds flocking to the ark, and then Noah
tests a burning/smoking herb that puts all the birds to sleep -- and then when
the animals come in, they also "smoke" the animals to put them to sleep
also... which is probably what happened, whether it was God-induced
hibernation or "smoke-induced" sleep. Unfortuanately they showed way too
many animals and birds going onto the ark -- far fewer pairs would have been
adequit to carry the genetic DNA for all the animals to survive.

Their ark was a massive rectangular box shape (...unfortunately not a
tebet...) but it still looked great -- lots of wood & ugly tar -- and the giant rock-
covered angels helped Noah build it (more Golem-esk science fiction)! I
myself always had a bit of trouble believing Noah and just 7 people could
really build the ark, they would need some kind of "supernatural" help
(especially when it came to the 515-foot+ long keelsons in Ron's ark design
when the wood back then was strong as stone, how would 4-8 people cut
those and lift those one-piece beams up into position by themselves?) Even
though it was fantasy, I enjoyed seeing the giant rock-angels helping and
doing all "the heavy lifting"...

The super-controversial part was making Noah a psychopathic killer at the
end -- in the film Noah only received visions/dreams from God, he never heard
God's voice talk to him -- so Noah makes the wrong assumption that God
wants to KILL OFF ALL MANKIND, even him and his family, and let only the
good animals live on -- in this story only one of the 3 sons has a wife, and she
is miraculously pregnant (after Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah blesses her)
and she has twin girls that Noah thinks he must kill.... he stops himself (no
impression from God to stop, like the angel stopped Abraham from sacrificing
his son Isaac at the last moment) -- and after the ark lands, that is why Noah
goes off and gets drunk, because he thinks he failed to do God's will when he
didn't kill the twin baby girls. Ah, more fiction based on a biblically true story.

Yes, there are troubles with son Ham who stares at his naked father while
the two good sons cover him up without looking -- in the movie Ham wanted a
wife, but Noah had let a girl die whom Ham had selected to rescue to be his
wife -- which caused bad feelings between Ham and his father.

The evil leader "Son of Cain" manages to get into the ark and hide there, he
cut through a part of the outside wall as the mad mob attacked and battles the
giant rock-angels in a fight scene reminiscent of a battle from a Lord of the
Rings movie -- and after the ark is afloat Ham finds him and decides to
help the Son of Cain kill Noah.... there is a big fight scene, but Ham decides to
step in and kill the Son of Cain and save his father's life even though he is still
mad at his dad...

The ark eventually comes to rest on a mountain top, and they show it broken
into 2 pieces like the stories of what people "think" they have seen on Ararat in
the ice... which as we know is a total fiction, and untrue....

This was a movie that the world deserves -- they deserve "error" and incorrect
information, because they can't even read the Bible and gets things right --
NOAH is a movie of fiction intermingled with partial Truth, for people who
read the Bible and intermingle ERROR and Truth in their religious beliefs --
Ron Wyatt and all of us who have worked for Ron and his discoveries have
continuously tried to share the Truth of the real Noah's Ark and the Truth of
many biblical doctrines with the people in this world, but very few wish to
receive it. When people reject the Truth, the Bible says that GOD will send
them "strong delusion" -- and this NOAH movie is mainly delusion.

Yes, I still think that the movie is worth seeing -- it was well-done -- if for no
other reason than to be aware of what the world is seeing and watching, and
seeing how it will trigger discussion among people. When will we see a TRUE
movie about Noah? People can start by watching and reading Ron Wyatt's
Noah's Ark material!

GOD has been sharing the Truth about the remains of the *real* Noah's Ark
for 54 years as it was discovered in Turkey on a mountain 12 miles south of
Ararat -- 54 years ago the first photos of the ruins of Noah's Ark appeared in
LIFE magazine in 1960... 54 years ago... and in 1985 the Turkish government
built a Visitors Center overlooking the site and tried to announce it to the world
-- that was nearly 30 years ago -- so when is the world going to listen?





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