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Newsletter 1
March 2010

Greetings Friends:

We have so many things happening right now in the ministry and with the discoveries, that we thought it was time to start issuing newsletters to give you folks updates on what is taking place.


I first met Ron back in 1984 at a presentation in Nashville, Tennessee, and was extremely impressed with the discoveries and his humbleness.  As I was leaving I felt a clear impression from the Holy Spirit to help him with his work.  I know the Holy Spirit was impressing.  Over the years, much studying has taken place regarding the discoveries, more evidence has come out, and as God works, it all fits together and confirms His testimony for the time of the end. 


God has blessed our DVD that the Holy Spirit assisted in its production.  There have been many stories that have come from folks around the world who are enjoying God's Treasure.

One supporter contacted us and purchased 1,000 copies, at a low price, to hand out to customers in his store.  He said after everyone in town gets a copy, he will then branch out across the state.  This is so wonderful to hear that others are embracing what God has preserved for this last generation.

The DVD was translated into Korean and is now being advertised in newspapers in that country.  A supporter in India is working on translating it into 5 different languages for his country.  This was an answer to prayer, as we have had a burden to reach that wonderful country.  Also, the Portuguese translation is finished and can be ordered at www.arkdiscovery.com/pt.htm  .  We are in need of folks who can translate the DVD into other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, etc.  We have the entire text of the DVD typed out in English, so it is ready to be translated.  Contact us if you can help.


We are slowly producing a two hour DVD on the Ark of the Covenant which will be more comprehensive than our 45 minute segment in the RGT DVD, and thus more convincing to some folks.  Since there is not visible evidence of the discovery, some have a had a hard time accepting this wonderful find.  The DVD will include video shot inside the dig as Ron's crew was digging a second tunnel to the ark cave.  We recently interviewed Danny and Ronny Wyatt, Ron's sons, and will include their comments. 

We are gradually adding more and more material to this DVD and will have it finished sometime this year.  We are not taking any pre-orders.


A magazine is being produced that will cover the discoveries, be approximately 100 pages in size, and will have a color cover.  The body of it will be in black and white, but will include many photographs.  We will start out with small print-runs so the cost will be more per issue.  We received large bids from various printers around the world to print a color edition at 10,000 copies, but we cannot afford that at this time.


We can see radical changes taking place in the world today towards a one world government and more control over the people.  These are all signs of Christ's soon return, such as earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters, Matt. 24.  When a law is passed forcing people to break one of the commandments, these discoveries will be made known to everyone worldwide.  They are God's show-and-tell demonstration of His truth, including the Divinity of His Son.  All the world will have to decide between following God and His truth, or following error and the forces of darkness.  The 144,000 preachers will be pointing out the truth to the world, at a time when the discoveries are also shown to the world.


To conclude this newsletter we have many photos from our February 2009 trip to Egypt and Israel, and our September 2009 trip to Noah's Ark.

God bless,

Kevin Fisher
Ark Discovery International


Our group met at Dogubayazit near the ark site in preparation for scans of the ark, but the permit from the government never arrived.  We still made use of the trip by going to some new areas and shooting new video of the area.

Above:  Photo taken from the valley along the road, of Noah's ark and visitors center.  Iranian guard tower in background on ridge

Above:  Kevin Fisher pointing away from Ararat and toward the real Noah's ark

Above:  Possible metal rivet on the side of the ark

Above:  Possible metal bracket on side of ark.  Notice right angles.

Above:  Village boy following me around, asking for money.  Standing on the ark at the left rear.

Above:  Rear view of ark.  Boy can be see on the right, inside of ark.

Above:  Your web host Kevin Fisher standing next to the grandest anchor stone, with Mt. Ararat in the background

Above:  View through rope hole of anchor stone

Above:  Dr. Robert Michelson of Georgia Tech University, a research scientist, stands next to the anchor stone.  He conducts a three hour PowerPoint presentation on the ark site.

Above:  Anchor stone on hilltop away from the village.  The upper portion of it has been broken off but was laying nearby, containing the rope hole.

Above:  Ross Patterson found this unusual nail in the area of Noah's house.

Above:  Part of our group having chi tea in the home of the village elder of Arzep where the anchor stones are located

Above:  Mt. Ararat as seen from our hotel one morning.

Above:  We can see the ark in the middle, but in the top left is a long spine or ridge of bedrock some call The Wall of Heaven where the next few photos come into play.

Above:  The high point just above the ark site has this large escarpment with a plateau just below it. 


Above:  Standing on the plateau at The Wall of Heaven, we can see a large altar stone at left, and a square formation of stones in the foreground.  Ark formation is not visible, but is in the area just below and to the right.  This may be where Noah or others offered sacrifices.


Above:  Satellite view of the plateau at The Wall of Heaven, we can see a large altar stone, six feet tall, and the square formation of stones that would have been part of an animal holding pen.

Above:  Our friends Jeremy and Jerry Bowen of AnchorStone.com, standing at the bow or front of the ark.

Above:  The oldest girl was a shepherd, 13 years old, but looked younger.  She did not want to smile because her grandmother died two weeks earlier.  This was at the Visitors Center.

Above:  The visitors center with the two Ararats in the background

Above:  Inside the visitors center

Above:  The Ark of Noah from the stern

Above:  We added the sky to this photo, just to be honest.

Egypt and Israel

Above:  View of Giza pyramids from our hotel rooftop.

Above:  A clash of two eras.  The highway in front of our hotel.

Above:  In the distance is the Nile River at sunrise.  From hotel rooftop.

Above:  We drove from Cairo through the Sinai Peninsula.  This is the area where the Children of Israel would have turned South from Edom and traveled through this area.

Above:  Traveling through the Wadi Watir where the children of Israel were winding their way through the canyons, nearing the Red Sea.

Above:  Opening in the Wadi Watir where it empties onto the beach at Nuweiba, with the Red Sea or Gulf of Aqaba behind us.

Above:  Column marking the crossing.  Thought to have been erected by Solomon, 400 years after the exodus.  The water in the background was used by his ships, with Elath, his port, just to the North.

Above:  The boat we rented for a few hours to explore the gulf floor for chariot parts

Above:  Brining in our equipment to the boat, through hotel grounds where we were not staying.


Above:  Remote controlled ROV that we sent down to shoot video.  Saudi Arabia in the background.

Above:  Live video was displayed on screen, with it also being saved in the camcorder.  Remote controls for the ROV on the black box.  30 meter tether

Above:  Our best image of a chariot wheel was this object that was positioned at a 60 degree angel, perhaps with the axle still attached, it had a raised center hub, and it had openings between the spokes

Above:  The stones and sand at the edge of the water at the crossing site appear to have been melted together, perhaps by the pillar of fire.

Above:  Jason Steen trying on a traditional outfit at a Nuweiba gift shop

Above:  Walking from the Egyptian border station over to the Israeli.  We ran into problems.  The last person to go through security was deemed suspicious by the guards and they proceeded to throw the alarm, evacuated the entire building, whisk us away to another building at gunpoint, and interrogate this person for an hour.  Meanwhile the police paddy wagon pulls up with its lights flashing.  The guards suspected that a home-made, underwater, video camera tube was going to be used by our party as a case for a bomb.  Eventually they let us go and we headed up to Kadesh Barnea.

Above:  Kadesh Barnea where Moses struck the rock and water flowed out, but he was only supposed to have spoken to it.  Notice the erosion in the rock the bottom and left bottom.  Notice this stone plug just in the foreground that was placed in the channel to act as a baffle and shoot the water out of the channel.  The encampment is in the background.   This was found by Ron Wyatt.

Above:  In the encampment area at Kadesh Barnea I found this carved stone with raised and recessed markings.

Above:  The back side

Above:  Ziggurat and tower in Gomorrah

Above:  In Gomorrah we found this slab of brimstone crystals.  The upper half of the photo is a flat layer of brimstone crystals about five feet across, with brimstone underneath the entire layer.

Above:  Upper part of photo is an entire layer of brimstone crystals formed by the liquid of the sulphur cooling down.  Below it is a layer of brimstone.  (We thought this was the biggest find of the trip)  There is nothing like this anywhere else on earth.

Above:  View of Sea of Galilee one morning

Above:  Crucifixion area of Christ.  Notice cut-outs in escarpment at left behind round table, where signs were placed, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."  This area of the benches had been a dig site where an organization dug here to find the cross holes.  They ignored Ron Wyatt's sons who said to dig to the right of this area.  The three main cross holes were not found, but they did throw out a moveable cross hole in their hasty, careless dig.  This is in Garden Tomb Grounds.

Above:  At right is a man-made stone wall that covers an opening to a tunnel which leads 370 feet to where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden.  This is inside Zedekiah's Cave under the old city of Jerusalem on the north side.

Above:  This sign is near the wall we just saw in the previous photo.  The bottom writing tells of a carved cherub that had been on the wall here, but is now in a London museum.  It was inscribed by Jeremiah's men to mark the way to the ark.  This is mentioned in Maccabees of the Apocrypha.

Above:  Along the Mediterranean coast are these smaller anchor stones that were used for ships smaller than Noah's ark which also used anchor stones, but much larger.


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