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Below is the testimony from Henry Gruver about a document specialist confirming the authenticity of the lab reports on Jesus' blood.  Some folks have said there is NOT a lab report on the blood, but we have three people that were told by Ron that there are lab reports.  First is Henry Gruver below, next is Jonathan Gray who is an archaeologist in Australia, and third is Jesslyn Johnson.  Jonathan Gray told us that Ron offered to show him "the certificates" on the lab test with the blood.  Jesslyn Johnson said Ron had the blood tested in Israel and on the final day he "took his lab report and left."  So there are lab reports on the blood.  From what we understand they were not kept at Ron's home, but with someone else, perhaps for safe keeping.  They have not been made public, which would be of Ron's request I am sure. 

Henry Gruver

Michael Rood said he had seen a video about Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the ark that amazed him.  And then he subsequently spent a weekend with Henry Gruver, a man who has worked and ministered for the Lord in over 70 countries around the world, and who knew Ron Wyatt.  Henry’s testimony about Ron Wyatt persuaded Michael that he had to meet Ron in person.  He had to know if Ron was a liar or a man who tells the truth.  So Michael sold the last of his worldly possessions, in order to make the trip to visit Ron at his home, and spent a week with him.  This is how Michael could personally vouch for Ron’s character. 

Henry Gruver's Testimony about the testing of Christ's blood:

Around 1990 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF), Southwest Regional Convention, I was at the table when Demos Shakarian, founder of the FGBMF.  Demos had assembled a special meeting with Ron Wyatt. An attorney and a document specialist were present. The purpose of the meeting was to validate the certificates he had received from the laboratories, proving the authenticity of the samples taken from his discoveries.

Ron had with him a blue, three-ring binder containing those certificates in plastic document protectors. It included certificates from six labs – three in the USA, one in Jerusalem, one in Germany, and other certificates of his lab testing throughout the years.

One of the lab result certificates pertained to the chromosomes of the dried blood Ron discovered in the cave beneath the cross holes that had flowed down onto the ark of the covenant.  Another lab result pertained to Ron’s discovery of Noah’s ark, and confirmed that the specimen was in fact a piece of “petrified, laminated wood” with “rosins” in between, which are “presently unknown to man.”

When Ron opened his blue, three-ring binder, the document specialist asked for permission to remove the certificates from their plastic folders. Ron reluctantly granted permission to remove them from the document protectors, as long as he didn’t tamper with the documents or perform ink tests on the signatures. 

The man removed them from the plastic and looked at each certificate carefully. He had a very large, thick book with him that was eight by eleven inches and about six inches thick.  In it he had brought with him the names and data for all the labs in the countries where Ron had lab tests done.  He was able to look up each lab in his book, as well as the record numbers. He had all the signatures in his book, and compared them with the ones on the certificates. He was also able to validate the record numbers from each certificate.  He looked at each signature with a magnifying glass like a jeweler uses. 

When he finished examining each one carefully, he said, “I would verify the authenticity of these documents to the top court in this land.” And he was a registered document specialist in the nation at that time.

Demos Shakarian just smiled when he heard that, and then he invited Ron to be the keynote speaker at the upcoming meeting of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. But Demos wanted me to give my testimony of meeting Ron Wyatt for the first time in Jerusalem, and then introduce Mr. Wyatt at the convention.

I got to know Ron over the years.  In fact, I traveled with him in Turkey, the Middle East, and the United States.  Ron would never take any of the credit for his amazing discoveries.  He always gave all the credit to Jesus Christ.

Ron once said, “If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can’t be saved.” He was not a Seventh Day Adventist, but he did adopt Friday night Shabbat services.

He was a thorough man. For example, one time in Kaddesh-barnea, it had just rained, and Ron discovered a stone the size of a goose egg, which had carvings in it. He told me to hold it, so I did. Ron then pulled out of the ground a stone that was smaller than a basketball, but bigger than a soccer ball. With his finger he cleared the dirt out an eyelet in the round stone.

He asked me if I knew what I was holding, and I could only guess it might be a boat anchor.  Then Ron told me to observe the cuttings in the stone. They were the same as the one I had in my hand, except mine was smaller.

Ron explained that it was a tent anchor carved by the Hebrews during their 40 years journey in the wilderness. He said, “This helps me track the wandering of the Hebrew people through the wilderness.”  He then noted the date and exact time he found the tent anchors, the longitude and the latitude where they were standing, and a description of the stones. He was very thorough, and he was consistently like that all the time.

He had earned the respect of the Israeli Antiquities department.  In 1985 his excavation permit expired, but he needed to renew it, so that he could continue the archeological dig, and get into the room containing the ark. When his permit had expired, he took his crew to Ashkelon swimming.

In the water, Ron stepped on a smooth object. So he went under the water and pulled it up.  It was a vase! So he went back under the water and discovered many other vases. He registered this discovery with the Antiquities department. When they looked into it, they found that this was the ancient burial site of the Philistine fish god. This fish god had the head of a fish and the body of a man.  And the vases contained bones and artifacts that verified the time of the dynasty of the Philistines.

The head of the Antiquities department had these examined, and due to this miraculous discovery, Ron was given a permit to continue the dig for the ark.  He was able to get [back] into the cave, where he discovered the ark.  

I have no doubt Ron discovered the ark, and that it’s down there.  I have Ron on video telling the details of the ark discovery. In fact, I have around 40 videos of him.  In fact, the Lord spoke to me in prayer years ago about this through Psalm 85. He said, “Truth shall spring out of the earth.” In G-d’s timing, that ark will be found again.

Henry Gruver

[end of Henry Gruver’s testimony]


Courtesy Len at http://yeshua-the-messiah.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/ark-of-covenant-found-part-2.html






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