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General Charles Gordon

Discovered skull hill or Golgotha around 1883

He said the Ark of the Covenant was hidden there

It has been well documented by the Garden Tomb Society that General Gordon had discovered Golgotha or skull hill, and helped to document the Garden Tomb area as the actual tomb of Christ. 

A recent book has been published by the Garden Tomb Society, Gordon on Gologotha - Gordon's Letters to Sir John Cowell 1883 ISBN 978-1-904459-51-4. Edited by Rosalind Meryon, The Garden Tomb Jerusalem, 2012. 65 shekels (about $20 US) 



It has some amazing quotes relating to the Ark and the table of Shewbread:


The Ark, I suspect is in Jeremiah's grotto.  [The] Jews have a tradition it is under the [Dome of the] Rock, but I think it is under the true Altar, the Skull, where tradition places Jeremiah's writing of Lamentations.  The Ark will not be found by man.  I think it will be brought out again at the second coming, for it appears in Heaven vide Revins [or consult Revelation].

"Here at Skull Hill, close the Slaughter House of Jerusalem was Titus 1 to 2m. The Roman Eagle took the heart of Zion by throat, for close was the breach. Jeremiah wrote Lamentations in the cave. The Ark of the Covenant is there." page 55.
On page 47 Gordon says the Table of Shewbread is also in there, "Golgotha on Hill was Jeremiah's Grotto. 1. This hill is outside gates near city where many roads pass. 2. From long time back the Slaughter House of City has been there. 3. It is N. of City. Shewbread table is in it."


Ron Wyatt did state that he saw evidence of General Gordon having conducted an excavation within ten feet of the same location where he was digging.  This statement by Gordon seems to indicate he did in fact believe the ark was in a cave nearby.    How he knew this we do not know.  Perhaps the Lord spoke to him in a dream? It was in the next year, 1884 that General Gordon died in a Muslim attack. 

This is just further evidence that the ark is hidden near the Garden Tomb.





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