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Reasons to Believe

Ron Wyatt DID find the Ark of the Covenant

by Kevin Fisher


1.       We have clearly seen that Ron was used by God to uncover the other discoveries, Noah’s Ark, Sodom & Gomorrah, Red Sea Crossing, and Mt. Sinai.  From these discoveries, Ron Wyatt’s credibility was established.  We know God was using him because he was faithful to the Lord and was chosen to do this work.  We should believe him when he said he found the ark.  His credibility says we should.

2.       Some have said, “Well, God did use Ron on the other discoveries, but he lied about the ark.”  If that were true, then Ron would have been out of the will of God in January 1982, when he said he found it.  But that is not true.  God was still using Ron, because in 1989, he found the Sodom and Gomorrah sites.  Ron was still in the Lord’s will after having claimed to have found the ark.

3.       If Ron lied about finding the ark and was a fraud, why did he spend $100,000 +, in digging a second tunnel to the cave chamber?  If you are a wicked fraud, all you need is one tunnel to the cave and you can tell your hateful lies.  But Ron felt that some of the temple furniture was to come out and thus a more direct and wider tunnel was needed.  He worked on this second tunnel with volunteers from 1982 to 1989.  A huge sacrifice and hard work.  A friend of mine worked on the dig with Ron for 3 weeks and he said Ron spent $7,000.00 advancing the tunnel about six to seven feet during that time.  Ron also paid for my friend’s airline ticket to Israel.  After finishing the tunnel Ron understood that none of the furniture would be coming out as God arranged the furniture as if it is a permanent set-up. 

4.       To say that God used this good Christian man, performing miracles along the way to help Ron, and using this one person on the other discoveries, and to then say that Ron LIED about finding the ark is totally inconsistent.  We see a faithful Christian used by the Lord, but we say he was a huge liar in saying he found the Ark?  That is just not consistent with his character and how God used Ron.  Common sense says Ron told the truth all through the discoveries and was God’s servant.

5.       The ark has to be found.  Daniel 9:24 says the Most Holy was to be anointed and put an end to sin, bring in everlasting righteousness, and atone for iniquity.  The western side of the ark was left vacant, awaiting the application of Christ’s blood.  When did that blood meet the Mercy Seat?  How did this happen?  Ron’s testimony makes perfect sense and was arranged by God.  Ideally if the Jews had accepted Christ, Jesus would have offered Himself one day, on the Passover, and His blood would be taken into the Most Holy Place to be applied on the western side of the Mercy Seat.  But the Jews rebelled and God made an alternate plan where Christ at His crucifixion would anoint the Most Holy... and this He did.  If I were to vote on the most likely person to find the ark, I would vote on Ron Wyatt since the Lord revealed all the other discoveries through him.  Makes sense.

6.       Some say, “Well, we have to have two or three witnesses to believe.”  In this case that is not true.  We are talking about the Most Holy Place on earth.  That cave is the Most Holy Place on earth and is not a tourist attraction for many people to enter.  Ron never allowed his family or tunnel workers on the digs to peer into the cave. Ron protected it as a Holy Place.  In Moses' day, the Most Holy Place was entered only once a year by the High Priest where he would meet God who was hovering over the ark in the form of a light, the shikinah glory, and would sometimes speak to the priest.  Did the High Priest bring in other witnesses so the congregation would believe him?  No.  Did he take in other eyewitnesses or did the people believe him?  They believed him.  The High Priest was believed by the people as his credibility was previously established and the people recognized that only one eyewitness was necessary.  Can we follow this direction today and understand that Ron Wyatt’s credibility was established and that only one person was to enter that cave, the Most Holy Place.  Ron preserved the sanctity of that cave by keeping others out.  We should be thankful that he did so. 

7.       Satan wishes that we would not believe and would not spread the word of Jesus’ unique blood and the Ten Commandments being found.  Let’s not fall for his temptations and be deceived.  Logic says we can believe Ron Wyatt and God’s plan for the ark. 






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